Sister Stores!






Today called for an “I MISS MY SISTER” blog post. We snapped these dope images out the front of Fremantles epic Woolstores. According to my Freo walkabouts, they are renovating this building into NYC apartments? If thats the case then, I urge all Freo lovers to get down asap and take your happy snaps in front of this awesome building as it won’t be here forever.

In regards to me missing my sister… I’m throwing all positive vibes back to her side! This day meant the world to me.

If you have a sister – hug her right now.

If you want a sister – haggle your mother.

If your sister is coming (Georgia) hold your breathe.

Love, light, energy and soul sister vibes to everyone.

B & B


Skin Made!




As a model and skin enthusiast, I’m quite particular as to what products I use, especially on my face. We are all aware that we need to drink copious litres of water per day, though, sometimes this may be difficult to do due to the busy lives we all seem to be leading nowadays. With the right skincare and balanced diet, your skin can be flawless without being pregnant or having a post sex glow.

Whilst scrolling through my all time favourite social media tool ‘ Insti’, I stumbled across ‘SkinMade’. Immediately drawn to how organic and natural their page was, I wanted to get in touch with the beauties behind this skincare revolution.

I emailed SkinMade and received a beautiful reply from their team. Positive, honest and enthusiastic, they happily sent me a wee package of products to try. – They actually do this… YOU CAN BUY SAMPLES. Winning!

I’m an advocate for organic, hand crafted and environmentally friendly products. Not only is this an Australian product and I love to support ‘home grown’, we are taking care of our environment whilst using these products as well as ourselves.

SkinMade sent me a scrub, cleanser and bright skin oil. My favourite was the cleanser, as the smell of lemongrass takes me back to living in Thailand, so it was a lovely nostalgic smell that also left my skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Each product had a lovely scent, from almond, pomelo, lemon myrtle or oat.

I highly recommend these products for ALL skin types and look forward using more SkinMade products in the future.

Add SkinMade to your Instagram: @skinmade

Or start searching for your products on their website at:

Happy Skin Loving…

B&B xxx



Love The Skin You’re In!


Compile ingredients:

  • Left over percolated coffee 2 cups.
  • Organic coconut oil 2 spoons.
  • Almond oil 1 tsp.
  • Cocoa oil 1 tsp.
  • Vanilla oil 1 tsp.
  • Cassia oil 1 tsp.


Step 1: Place coffee in a large bowl and sift through with a fork to ensure it’s free of lumps.


Step 2: Add oils and blend until combined thoroughly.


 Step 3: Place coffee and oils into glass jars and store in the fridge.


 Step 4: Smile and Scrub!


A coffee body scrub can help eradicate cellulite because when the caffeine it contains comes into contact with the surface of your skin, it helps redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of more cellulite. Coffee scrub can also prevent veins due to the caffeine acting as a  vascular restrictor which shrinks blood vessels and therefore helping reduce the veins appearance.

Coconut oil is a babe of a massage oil for the skin as well. It acts as an effective moisturiser on all types of skin, including dry skin. It also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature ageing due to its well-known antioxidant properties.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E, which is amaze for skin health. Also, almond oil improves the complexion of the skin that retains glow.

Finally the blend of Cocoa, Vanilla and Cassia oil is added to harmonise and balance the sense. This blend creates a sense of comfort and reassurance,  reduces stress and helps combat exhaustion.

Get scrubbing Bunupsandbanana lovers and #lovetheskinyourin


Waste Not Want Not!





Omg (looking into your cupboard, full of clothes) – I have like absolutely nothing to wear!!! Says every women, everyday.

Stress no more ladies…

These are some of my old faves that I have pieced together. My skirt (yes, skirt – not dress) is from Cameo The Label. My saggy singlet hails from SportsGirl, it had an old hole in it, so I ripped the back open and tucked it into my skirt. Wrapping around a vintage belt and popping on some $5 gladiator shoes… you’re good to go.

Have a play with your old maxi skirts, find a colour to match your skirt and put a belt on to break up the colour. You don’t have to keep buying babes.

Love B & B xxx

Vive La Difference!


A relationship between two people usually consists of the yin and the yang. When we don’t see eye to eye with our respective other, whether it be with a partner, friend, family or co worker, it is quite common that we throw in the old saying ‘opposites attract’ and be done with it. We think of opposites attract, what does it really tell us?

Opposites, or perhaps more accurately, “complements” do attract. Introverts and extroverts, morning people and night people, impulsives and planners, steady plodders and adrenaline junkies, adventure-grabbers and security-seekers

The French view the old saying ‘opposites attract’ as ‘Vive La Difference’ in which we don’t just use  the word ‘opposites attract’ as a bandaid but rather we celebrate those differences.

It is important during hard times in a relationship to write down the differences you are having, once you have written them down, discuss them and then find a way to celebrate them.

Remember, we need to love and continuously send out good vibes to our world and our lovers.

Who’s going to be next on your list to celebrate Vive La Difference?

B&B xxx

Em Muco – Banana Bag!






As if little Emily Muco wasn’t the cutest human being ever… She then hand made a BANANA bag. – HOLA!

Whilst hanging in yard, my soul sister and I decided to take a few happy snaps with our favourite fruity accessory of the summer.

Miss Muco designs and hand crafts each piece, with a sense of purpose and affection to highlight the wearers individuality.

The vibrancy of her colour choice is legit perfection for how fruity the summer has been. She also designs dresses, necklaces, bikinis and head pieces.

Check her out on her webpage:

Instagram: @emilymuco



xxx b & b xxx


Chep City!


Step 1: Drive a ute around your local hood, building sites are the best. Take a pair of gloves for the creepy crawlies and load up the back of your ute.


Step 2: Buy foam from your local hardware store to cushion the top of your pallet. Cover it with material – Or in my case, your Nan’s linen cupboard bed sheets from 1980.


Step 3: Stack your pallets to the height limit that you wish and place your foam in the centre of the pallets. – Ensure you have sanded your pallets before using and possibly a varnish :)


Step 4: Add decorative pillows to your taste and relax in the sun with a beverage on a summers day.

Happy summer lovin’ and loungin’ readers at B & B.

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– Thanks Dad for this blog post title!

THE JUICY FRUIT #ethel&leo









I can’t think of anything better than a designer who is producing organic quality clothing and actually has an aura that literally glows throughout her store.

I casually bumped into Jess from Ethel and Leo over Insti and our friendship immediately bonded over bananas – how could it not? #itsthehappyfruit

After double tapping my I-phone screen a billion times on her profile, I decided it was time to drive to Claremont and get into these fruity flamboyant dresses.

Arriving into the bright store, Jess was there, smiling, laughing with customers. I walked around in awe at all of the colours and fabulous fruits frolicking about.

Immediately heading to the banana printed dressed, I picked out my size and Jess asked to put the dresses in the changing room. I introduced myself and that was that.

I heard the story about how E & L came about… Her Grandmother, Ethel was a seamstress back in the day, her mother took on the gift and then Jess continued. Leo comes from Jess’s star sign, slash her mane also throws in the lion vibe.

She’s such a soulful women with a beautiful presence. I loved hearing about her story and meeting the women that is bringing fruit back to a sizzling summer in Perth.

Fruity Vibes readers at Bun Ups And Bananas.


The INDUSTRY for thought!













What you didn’t see on the catwalk at Perth’s Melbourne Cup in the YellowGlen Marquee at Ascot.

My babes at Chadwick models and I had an absolute ball. The team of all teams consisted of Tania Muia, Rebekha Clark, Nicole Ford, Ady Grader, Penni Towner, Tracey Martin & Hayley Parry.

A question I have for my readers at BunUpsandBananas is… Does it take a strong team of workers to put together a show, shoot or commercial etc? Or can we use people with little or no experience due to how popular they are on social media?

This is my point of view from a model with 10 years of experience in the industry…

I believe that with the new social-media antics appearing in the last few years, modelling is slowly becoming obsolete.  The world of Instagram is now allowing people to use models who aren’t signed simply because they have x amount of followers or 1000 likes to each post. People are looking for cheaper ways to build their empires by using girls who 1, don’t have an agent or 2, have loads of followers. This theory also works along-side those photographers, make-up artists and stylists.

I understand that these social-media selfie queens are cheaper to use but what happened to the magical word: ‘experience’? It’s one thing to add a filter, but where did the beauty disappear to in a whole team creating beautiful images?

Without being a wet blanket, my point is simply that the shows that were happening on the day of Melbourne Cup, took professional creative teams to put together. So why, are we losing the beauty of this due to social media?

Let me hear your thoughts…

Love B&B

x x x