Melbourne Cup, Get Up!

“Get Up”… (commonly heard by the men at Melbourne cup, with regards to their horse trying to win in first place).

To us women, it’s our outfit. Here are my picks for Melbourne cup dresses this year…

Aurelio Costarella

Aurelio Costarella

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.10.33 am

One Fell Swoop

Ginger & Smart

 Ginger and Smart

Zed Alliance 'Blair Dress' from Perlu

 Zed Alliance

White suede

 White Suede



Key notes for Melbourne cup:

  • Always wear a hat or fascinator.
  • Wear a dress on trend or keep it classy and unique.
  • Feel good in what you wear. (remembering how much food and booze you may consume)
  • Hair & Make-up – call in a professional or plan it a day before.
  • Hydrate before you dehydrate.
  • Have fun, smile and fingers crossed for a win.

2 weeks to go… Start shopping now.

Love B&B


Figure 8’s in Fitzy!


When the sun shines in Melbourne, grab your babes, your booze, your shoes, your bananas and hit a lane way. Just behind Kerr street in Fitzroy, on the way to soak up ciders and sunshine in St Kilda, Bunupsandbananas locked in these four goddesses and figured we’d 8 ball it up. (Kidding its a PJ)

Melbs is known as one of the world’s greatest street art capitals for its unique expressions of art on approved outdoor locations. Street art includes stencils, paste-ups and murals and does not include graffiti or tagging.

Heres a list of cracking street art locations to check out:

  1. Caledonian Lane, off Little Bourke Street.
  2. Corner of Flinders Lane and Cocker Alley.
  3. 21 Degraves Street.
  4. Hosier and Rutledge Lane, opposite Fed Square.

Massive thanks to my smoking hot sister Ash, her hilarious roomie Anna, semi-perm housemate Chicko & Susu Sewell for being my “modules”.

Instagram: @bunupsandbananas for more images.



Satisfy my SOLE!









Inspired by legend Bob Marley!!! Sneakers, runners, whatever you call them… They’re back baby! Never leaving the trend in Europe where I started to wear these bad boys again; finally a shoe that we can wear day in and out without the whole ‘omg my feet are killing me’. As seen on models, stylists, photographers and even the dude who sold you a coffee during Fashion Week in Milan, Paris and New York. We need to follow suit and satisfy our soles…”Super sexy when worn with jeans” (quoted my boyfriend). They’re also babin’ with the bun up and tutu.

Whatever your wearing Perth, throw on your sneakers and lets kick it old school.


Images via: Pinterest, Google images, The Fashion Tag & Tumblr


Crop It Like It’s HOT!

kendall-jenner-out-in-los-angeles-august-2014_1http-__www.style_.com_trendsshopping_streetstyle_061813_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Spring_2014_-4miranda2Jessica-hart-model-street-style-high-waisted-maxi-skirt-crop-top-summer-fashion-750x1125la-modella-mafia-2014-models-off-duty-street-style-Alessandra-Ambrosio-in-a-white-Calvin-Klein-crop-top-and-high-waisted-skirtScreen Shot 2014-03-30 at 2.46.23 PMb00015fe61edb7e2e2210532ff1d7d4b

Perth on a spring long weekend generally consists of a trip down south, wine in the sun and possibly tanning your pasty white winter legs at the beach. However, this cloudy day has got me blogging on the couch with the Kardashians in the background. Inspired by Kendall Jenner and her ridiculously smoking hot rig, I began browsing the net for hot spring crops. Just because the weather isn’t glorious, doesn’t mean we can’t start to think about our spring style. Heres a few of my faves on these babes above. ^^^

Happy Spring followers at BUN UPS AND BANANAS xxx










Saturday arvo, bun up, in my comfy’s on the couch and scrolling the ‘gram’ – bliss! I came across ‘oh hello hair’ and was immediately inspired by all the ‘bun up’ do’s.

Not only do they post the most amazing images, they also make their own products such as hydrating treatments that are made with coconut, argan and almond oil and they DON’T test on animals. At the perfect price of $15 and summer just around the corner… Ladies, ‘go get yo hair did’.

Follow their account for all your hair inspo – @ohhellohair

Check out their website:


You had me at BONJOUR!








 Marcel Cerdan (France’s first middle weight boxing champion)


Edith Piaf





Once upon a time, a broken boy (see Amstergrammed blog for details) took his love to France so she could experience her love for wine and cheese in a city she has never been to before… PARIS!

Can you do Paris in 2 days? Maybe not, but with the photo evidence above, its clear you can tick off almost every tourist site. As soon as we arrived, we checked into our hotel on the Champs Elysees, dropped our bags and hit the city. We walked around St Germain and managed to pull a picnic together right before the bakeries & fromageries closed, then hiked up the cobble stones to the Sacre Coeur. Opening a bottle of Frances bordeaux’s, eating, admiring  with the  white church view behind us, it was just crazy 1, that i’d never been to this magical place and 2, people actually live here and can do this everyday! – AMAZING!!!

On the hike down, we stumbled across a French bar, good music, chilled vibes and no foreigners, so we decided to go in and check it out. The bar tender was an absolute legend and suggested that we head after to a bar close by where Marcel Cerdan (France’s first middle weight boxing champion) used to hang out. The bar tender informed us that, Marcel was dating the ever so famous Edith Piaf during this time and they both hung out there together. Screaaaaaam!!! Once our drink was finished we headed straight over. The bar was over 100 years old and every thing was still original except for a new paint job. It was so epic to be having drinks in the same bar as Edith Piaf, with the same original bartender. I die!!!

The second day consisted of a French breakfast, a day trip to La Defence to wine and dine at Paris’s ‘Lavinia’ restaurant/bar that consists of a bottle shop, a self serve selection of wine to try with what seems similar to an arcade game power card and a menu of French cuisine to satisfy every soul. Knowing we had dinner reservations did not stop us from doing the usual and over ordering slash over indulging… but when you have 2 days in Paris, you have to make the most of it.

Waking up on the final morning knowing you’re leaving should be a sad thing, but I have never felt so content. Whilst packing our bags listening to French music, making a quick plan of how to see all the last sights, we stored our bags at the concierge and jumped on the Metro. Stop 1, Eiffel Tower, Stop 2, Champs Elysees, Stop 3, souvenir store.

A final last few words about ‘The City Of Love’? hmmmmm

Lets call it “The city of wine, cheese and sexy accent’s”

Au Revoir Paris. Je T’aime

Public: Art in the City!

Street Art in Perth – Shut the front door!

We really are an up and coming city!

Form’s Public brought international, local street and urban artists who created site-specific worlds of significant scale and diversity. Incorporating 45 artists from around the globe there are over 30 walls across the city inspiring a broader dialogue about how we experience our city!  See below some images I took myself, and head to Forms website for details how to tour the art in the city. PUBLIC.FORM.NET.AU


Pixel Pancho, an Italian street artist from Turin creates ‘anatomical street robots” inspired by different environments. He’s idea is to get the viewers thinking ‘are we all machines’?

Head to his website: to view more.



Street artist Hyuro from Argentina blends politics and surrealist sensibility in her uncanny black and white murals, paintings and drawings. Check out her personal website here for more of her amazing street work:



Possibly the coolest interactive artwork I have ever seen. Jordan Seiler, artist and activist hails from the US of A and is the founder of PublicAdCampaign. His work here changes colour once the app is downloaded on your phone. This hidden gem is located off Wolf Lane just beside the Secret Garden Cafe. See for yourself right here on his website:


Alexis Diaz is a Puerto Rican street artist known for his intricate line details, bold colours and the melding of fantastical animal imagery, often with human forms. – Also located in Wolf Lane. Check out his website for more of his epicness artistry at:


ELK – Melbourne



The two images above are created from Gaia a New York City man. His studio work, installations and gallery projects have been exhibited throughout the world and his street work has been documented and featured in several urban art publications. For more on Gaia, head to: 


This colourful beauty is by ‘Beastman’ from Sydney. Beastman’s work symbolises natures geometric patterns and organic lines. Their large mural work can be found all over Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Get more from:


A modern-day naturalist ROA (Belgium), is famous for his large scaled depictions of animals. Check out more of ROA’s work on his Tumblr at:

















Finally arriving  in Amsterdam later than expected due to a flight cancellation in London, I was greeted at Schiphol Airport with a bouquet of yellow roses and a Dora the Explorer balloon by ‘Alfonso’ (The drunken Aussie who can’t ride a bike), Aka My Boyfriend. We checked into our amazing apartment booked through ‘AirBnB’ – totally the way to go if there are a few of you and its a weekly trip. Then we headed to the Family’s house where we meet our beloved little Niece Quinn. Words can’t explain how overwhelmed we were.

The following day consisted of trying to look like a local and hiring a bike, Though my skills were like a mad local – the ‘Mac Bike’ sign was a dead giveaway. The plan was to ride around the city but after the first stop at a pub across from the ‘Brouwerij ‘T LJ’ as it was not opened yet, I ordered a beer brewed from there which if I remember rightly was the ‘Zatte’ that is 8%. After 3 beers… (Drink, Drank, Drunk) The day plan to ride through and explore the city obviously failed due to spending so much time in one place and I was clearly tipsy, so we cycled close to a nearby bar called ‘Roest’ – My favourite bar in Amsterdam.

In the evening, we sailed a friends boat down the canals, ate good food, drank champagne, stopped at canal bars and then sailed until the sun was almost set. Unsure whether or not Alfonso’s boat speech changed my heart? or I was really starting to love Amsterdam? I knew that by this point, I was going to enjoy my time here.

Highlights were definitely meeting my Niece, Seeing the family, Canal boat riding, J-Five at Paradiso (The best venue I’ve ever been to for a gig), Riding bikes, VondelPark & the freshness of berries.

Fun Fact: 780,000 people live in Amsterdam and its estimated that there are 881,000 bicycles. ;)




Roest Website:

Paradiso Website:



Just touched down in LONDON town!

IMG_1097 IMG_0979 IMG_0955 IMG_0965 IMG_1081   IMG_0987



LONDON LONDON LONDON!!! Whats not to love? Monopoly locations, ciders, sun, clubs and a Sunday roast! Staying in The Metropolitan by Como in Mayfair, Clapham South and Sloan Square – Probably the best places to explore London, well for me anyway.

Epic dinners at Coya, Sunday roasts at ‘The Peasant’ and catching up with old friends from modelling days 7 years ago! London couldn’t have given me better weather, better people to have been with and the experience of a lifetime!

If you haven’t been to London before… Get amongst it! You haven’t lived… unless you’ve been to london! For sure apart of my heart has been left there! xxx

The L.T Vibe!








The LT Vibe is all about mega babe and super good friend Laura Tyrie. We were brunching at Harvest Espresso in Vic Park when I just couldn’t get over how bangin’ she looked, immediately I snapped her up for some images. This little gypsy wears a Jane Lamerton dress, paired with shoes by ZU. Her black Brixton had with a tan coloured leather band brings out the green in her ‘to die for’ eyes. Jewellery is a combo between the south wests Margaret River crystals and Byron Bay. Sending all the positive energy to her on her new Sydney adventure where she will study fashion & business. HAPPY travels soul sister! x x x