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My name is Aimee Jane, I'm a spirited, energetic, loud, full time student and part time model. Lover of life, laughter, passionate about food, travel, languages, fashion and everything multi-coluored. My blog is inspired by 'Life is like a bun up', it can be a b!^#$ to make the perfect one, but when you have mastered it, it's life changing. - challenge yourself and never give up! So why add bananas on the end? Well, bananas are one of my favourite fruits to bake with and lets be honest #bab sounds so much better than #bu. - Love AJ - x x x

My Way or the Laneway!







My Way or the Laneway is inspired by two of my favourite things!

1 = Melbourne Laneway’s overdosed in street art/ graffiti and

2 = Infamous Friends Label

The two combined together whilst I was on a trip to Melbourne vacaying with my soul sister @ashtreeom who is the humming voice, stylist and photog behind this shoot! We were  on the way out to grab a bottle of wine, (standard) and decided to throw in a shoot at the same time. Whoever thought of the saying ‘killing two birds with the one stone’, is actually a legend! Hustling our way down Fitzroy’s finest Laneway, here the pair amalgamated.

Founded in 2014 by a Lad name John and his Babin’ wife Tanya, Infamous Friends is the Australian label inspired by who you are and the people you know, so what better occasion to shoot this with my sister!

The shirt “My Way” is of course by our Infamous Friends and can be purchased at:

They also have a few other quirky titles for the tees that are up there with the highest hashtags of 2015 such as “Girl Boss”, “Lover” and “Coco Loco”! Made from 100% Viscose, they are super comfy and can stomach that ‘dry Perth heat’.

Who’s keen for “Gone Bananas” for their 2016 t-shirt staple?

Stay Infamous…

Love B&B xxx

Candy From A Stranger!







I perused @Candyfromastranger a few months ago on Instagram and immediately started following them from all of the sexy sultry women that they post. (who doesn’t?) I soon realised they’re a body scrub company and that I needed to shoot an email to investigate who is behind this ‘candyfromastanger’ product.

I’m usually pretty good at hustling the good vibe folks from the gram, in regards to whom I do and do not wish to collaborate with, but ‘far out brussel sprout’, was I in for an eatable treat.

I emailed Jamie, the man behind the brand who is also an artist, musician and a designer. He works alongside his partner, whom together have a lovely little dude and a hot yoga studio in Melbs. They’re like the dream fam team!

Jamie said that Candyfromastranger was developed to give people a natural alternative to mass-produced soaps and body washes. He also mentioned that he wanted to draw on his raw food background where each ingredient did something for your skin – either cleansed it, toned it, moisturised it, tackled problem skin such as acne, cellulite and that it regenerates new skin cells. EVERY ingredient could literally be eaten. Ingredients included raw cold pressed honey, extra virgin coconut and cacao, organic teas, dehydrated and hand ground grapefruit skins.

I was given both CandyCoco and CandyFresh – The two flavours offered by our strangers. When I opened CandyCoco, I was so perplexed as to the delicious smell that immersed from the bag. It was like a bliss ball for my body that was exfoliating the winter skin off, leaving me with super soft skin. I feel like it can be used on the face, however, I need to wash it off with my facial wash due to my skin being a little oily, but each to their own.

CandyFresh is on a whole other level! its like spring/summer jumped out of a bag and scrubbed you down. It’s definitely my favourite. It smells so similar to the CandyCoco, though the citrus vibe in it totally ties me down and I’m just hooked.

Without a doubt this is THE BEST scrub I’ve ever used in my life! Not only is it doing wonders to my skin, but the peeps behind the brand are such legends producing legit organically made and loved products.

Oh and lads, my handsome man has also been scrubbing with candy! It’s fab for both sexes – His warning is to beware the beard!

Get on the candy van with me… $17.95 is beyond affordable for incredible skin!

Lots of love and smooth skin from your banana girl!


Porridge & Poetry!







IMG_3005You know those people who take photos before their meals and you just look at them in the restaurant and you’re like “Dude your food is going to get cold”. But their just so into getting the perfect shot for their Instagram feed?

Cough cough! That is me!

Inspired by my little babe “JET” and her love for Beau Taplin, she suggested we have porridge at Mount Lawley’s Cantina whilst reading poetry on hashtag humpday.

Recently, I have been trying to focus more on myself and what makes me happy as opposed to putting others first. (selfish – some may call it) Though, for me I see it as self-love, inner strength, connectedness to oneself and inner peace. Here’s an excerpt I read during my poetry sesh that supports this;

“The trick with rebuilding yourself is to be sure you use the right materials and tools for the job. A healthy mind and body, a worthy goal, and dependable friends are all vital components in the construction of the new you. Remember, a skyscraper is only as strong as the steel it is made of.” Beau Taplin.

I highly recommend taking some QT for the old soul with a little help from Beau Taplin. Check out his Instagram: @beautaplin

Thanks to my beautiful friend @jessicaemilytait for our date and my blog inspo.

Also a shout out to @663cantina for the delicious and nutritious soul satisfying food.

Lots of love, peace & bananas from your girl…



Wall Post!

Woolstores Fremantle

Wool Store Fremantle

South Terrace South Fremantle

South Terrace, South Fremantle

Ootong and Lincoln South Terrace South fremantle

South Terrace, South Fremantle

Wool Store Fremantle

Wool Store Fremantle


Wallpaper Wallcandy, Fitzroy, Melbourne (Guest photog – @ashtreeom)


Wallcott Street, Mount Lawley

Laneway off Nicholsan road Shenton Park

Laneyway behind Nicholson road, Shenton Park


Wallcott Steet, Mount Lawley


Wallcott Steet, Mount Lawley

Recently I have been taking public transport as a means to look at life in a different perspective. I feel that with our beloved technology, we no longer enjoy saying ‘good morning’ to the people we pass or waking up and enjoying the sun from the bedroom window before scrolling our feed.

I decided to no longer take my phone on morning walks and even went so far as to not check my phone during times of stand still. With this decision, above are some of the images I captured and enjoyed.

“Open your mind to the world and the many different ways that can be found in it”.

I hope you enjoy my current wall obsession, please share your crazy loves post tech addictions in the reply box below.

Love B&B xxx



I love it that everyone is like “bell bottoms/flares” are back… Im like, when were they out?

I feel as a woman with a tiny waist and a big bottom that these are the perfect fit for my body. They elongate my legs, provide shape to my body and most of all, they are just crazy comfy.

What are your favourites from the images above and where do you suggest to buy the best bell bottoms from at the moment?

Peace and Love in advance for your suggestions fashionistas.

B & B xxx

Casa Vintage Beach!








In Australia, we use the terminology ‘pole position’ when we park directly in front of where we want to be. In Gili Trawangan, we landed in this position at ‘Casa Vintage Beach’. Situated right on the beach, my rooster and I were able to chill out and watch the sunset whilst drinking icey cold Bintangs from glass jars and swinging in tree chairs. We stumbled across this little gem whilst riding to salute the sun, is this not the best location ever?

Growing up in Western Australia, I have been spoilt rotten by our sunsets, so this was a new experience for me. The sun set over a glorious mountain, through a fluffy cloud which left the best after glow one could ever imagine.

Nestled in home made chairs, and vintage decor that has not interfered with mother nature, it was indeed a magical experience that I recommend to anyone who is hitting up Gili Trawangan.

Casa Vintage Beach serve Caribbean food, fresh coconuts and smoothies. You can chill in their hammocks, listen to epic music and chant by their bonfire. There is also a vintage shop and a spa that is open, however, the sunset bar is where its at. – They’re located after Exile, and before Villa Ombak Sunset if you are coming from central.

Happy travels.

Love Bunupsandbananas xxx

Sister Stores!






Today called for an “I MISS MY SISTER” blog post. We snapped these dope images out the front of Fremantles epic Woolstores. According to my Freo walkabouts, they are renovating this building into NYC apartments? If thats the case then, I urge all Freo lovers to get down asap and take your happy snaps in front of this awesome building as it won’t be here forever.

In regards to me missing my sister… I’m throwing all positive vibes back to her side! This day meant the world to me.

If you have a sister – hug her right now.

If you want a sister – haggle your mother.

If your sister is coming (Georgia) hold your breathe.

Love, light, energy and soul sister vibes to everyone.

B & B


Skin Made!




As a model and skin enthusiast, I’m quite particular as to what products I use, especially on my face. We are all aware that we need to drink copious litres of water per day, though, sometimes this may be difficult to do due to the busy lives we all seem to be leading nowadays. With the right skincare and balanced diet, your skin can be flawless without being pregnant or having a post sex glow.

Whilst scrolling through my all time favourite social media tool ‘ Insti’, I stumbled across ‘SkinMade’. Immediately drawn to how organic and natural their page was, I wanted to get in touch with the beauties behind this skincare revolution.

I emailed SkinMade and received a beautiful reply from their team. Positive, honest and enthusiastic, they happily sent me a wee package of products to try. – They actually do this… YOU CAN BUY SAMPLES. Winning!

I’m an advocate for organic, hand crafted and environmentally friendly products. Not only is this an Australian product and I love to support ‘home grown’, we are taking care of our environment whilst using these products as well as ourselves.

SkinMade sent me a scrub, cleanser and bright skin oil. My favourite was the cleanser, as the smell of lemongrass takes me back to living in Thailand, so it was a lovely nostalgic smell that also left my skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Each product had a lovely scent, from almond, pomelo, lemon myrtle or oat.

I highly recommend these products for ALL skin types and look forward using more SkinMade products in the future.

Add SkinMade to your Instagram: @skinmade

Or start searching for your products on their website at:

Happy Skin Loving…

B&B xxx



Love The Skin You’re In!


Compile ingredients:

  • Left over percolated coffee 2 cups.
  • Organic coconut oil 2 spoons.
  • Almond oil 1 tsp.
  • Cocoa oil 1 tsp.
  • Vanilla oil 1 tsp.
  • Cassia oil 1 tsp.


Step 1: Place coffee in a large bowl and sift through with a fork to ensure it’s free of lumps.


Step 2: Add oils and blend until combined thoroughly.


 Step 3: Place coffee and oils into glass jars and store in the fridge.


 Step 4: Smile and Scrub!


A coffee body scrub can help eradicate cellulite because when the caffeine it contains comes into contact with the surface of your skin, it helps redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of more cellulite. Coffee scrub can also prevent veins due to the caffeine acting as a  vascular restrictor which shrinks blood vessels and therefore helping reduce the veins appearance.

Coconut oil is a babe of a massage oil for the skin as well. It acts as an effective moisturiser on all types of skin, including dry skin. It also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature ageing due to its well-known antioxidant properties.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E, which is amaze for skin health. Also, almond oil improves the complexion of the skin that retains glow.

Finally the blend of Cocoa, Vanilla and Cassia oil is added to harmonise and balance the sense. This blend creates a sense of comfort and reassurance,  reduces stress and helps combat exhaustion.

Get scrubbing Bunupsandbanana lovers and #lovetheskinyourin