Finally arriving  in Amsterdam later than expected due to a flight cancellation in London, I was greeted at Schiphol Airport with a bouquet of yellow roses and a Dora the Explorer balloon by ‘Alfonso’ (The drunken Aussie who can’t ride a bike), Aka My Boyfriend. We checked into our amazing apartment booked through ‘AirBnB’ – totally the way to go if there are a few of you and its a weekly trip. Then we headed to the Family’s house where we meet our beloved little Niece Quinn. Words can’t explain how overwhelmed we were.

The following day consisted of trying to look like a local and hiring a bike, Though my skills were like a mad local – the ‘Mac Bike’ sign was a dead giveaway. The plan was to ride around the city but after the first stop at a pub across from the ‘Brouwerij ‘T LJ’ as it was not opened yet, I ordered a beer brewed from there which if I remember rightly was the ‘Zatte’ that is 8%. After 3 beers… (Drink, Drank, Drunk) The day plan to ride through and explore the city obviously failed due to spending so much time in one place and I was clearly tipsy, so we cycled close to a nearby bar called ‘Roest’ – My favourite bar in Amsterdam.

In the evening, we sailed a friends boat down the canals, ate good food, drank champagne, stopped at canal bars and then sailed until the sun was almost set. Unsure whether or not Alfonso’s boat speech changed my heart? or I was really starting to love Amsterdam? I knew that by this point, I was going to enjoy my time here.

Highlights were definitely meeting my Niece, Seeing the family, Canal boat riding, J-Five at Paradiso (The best venue I’ve ever been to for a gig), Riding bikes, VondelPark & the freshness of berries.

Fun Fact: 780,000 people live in Amsterdam and its estimated that there are 881,000 bicycles. ;)




Roest Website:

Paradiso Website:



Just touched down in LONDON town!

IMG_1097 IMG_0979 IMG_0955 IMG_0965 IMG_1081   IMG_0987



LONDON LONDON LONDON!!! Whats not to love? Monopoly locations, ciders, sun, clubs and a Sunday roast! Staying in The Metropolitan by Como in Mayfair, Clapham South and Sloan Square – Probably the best places to explore London, well for me anyway.

Epic dinners at Coya, Sunday roasts at ‘The Peasant’ and catching up with old friends from modelling days 7 years ago! London couldn’t have given me better weather, better people to have been with and the experience of a lifetime!

If you haven’t been to London before… Get amongst it! You haven’t lived… unless you’ve been to london! For sure apart of my heart has been left there! xxx

The L.T Vibe!








The LT Vibe is all about mega babe and super good friend Laura Tyrie. We were brunching at Harvest Espresso in Vic Park when I just couldn’t get over how bangin’ she looked, immediately I snapped her up for some images. This little gypsy wears a Jane Lamerton dress, paired with shoes by ZU. Her black Brixton had with a tan coloured leather band brings out the green in her ‘to die for’ eyes. Jewellery is a combo between the south wests Margaret River crystals and Byron Bay. Sending all the positive energy to her on her new Sydney adventure where she will study fashion & business. HAPPY travels soul sister! x x x

Paper Crab!








A Friday morning is always well spent catching up with a good friend at the markets. Today, whilst guzzling a fresh coconut, I chatted with one of the souls behind Paper Crab whilst she delicately flat layed their dainty necklace range. Paper Crab combines two individuals love together for handmade goods, uniquely designed and locally produced on a small scale by worldly talented people.

From Thailand to Perth, they share a deep connection and pride for time honoured traditions and skills that are sadly being abandoned only to be replaced by mass produced disconnected rubbish. I lived in Thailand for a few years and can sadly say, I have been apart of the rat race participating in purchasing such goods that too easily fill our lives. However, with the thoughtful inspiring Paper Crab, we can now go back to basics where our goods are honourably crafted.

How they carefully select their items is beyond me, as each individual hand crafted piece tells such a meaningful story. My personal favourites are definiatly the ‘Jungle Daze Pom Pom Clutch’ and of course the ‘Baby Crab’ shoes for children. – Every child should own a pair.

Paper Crab showcase their cross-cultural finds at various market stalls around Perth. This weekend they’re at The Fremantle Markets, head down to see for yourself this unique collection bought to you from across the seas.

Follow their Instagram to see where you can catch them next: @papercrabpeople

Check out their Facebook page: Paper Crab


Stay tuned for their website launch :)

Knee Deep in GLUTTONY.


Knee Deep winery in Margaret River whilst know for its exceptional wines is beginning to establish an equally impressive reputation for its food. A last minute decision to head South for the Easter long weekend  had me eager to find out what the hype was all about. I managed to snag the last available booking for the entire long weekend and boy was I in for a treat. Upon entering the cosy winery we proceeded to sample some of the fabulous wines on offer. We skipped straight to the reds as it was quite a chilly day and nothing beats a red on an Autumn’s day. However, when browsing the menu, the abundance of seafood and white meat made it an easy decision to start off the meal with a fabulous glass of my favourite ’09’ drop “Kim’s Chardonnay”.


And what a wonderful pairing it would be…


This Japanese inspired entrée consisted of blue marron, smoked eel, marron dash, kimchi and quail’s egg with home-made udon noodles. Every element of the dish was perfectly balanced and complimented each other. (Ensure you get every ingredient on the spoon for full enjoyment).


As a huge fan of anything cauliflower the ‘aerated’ cauliflower, along side seared scallops, carbonated greens, raw grapes and whey emulsion was a must try and was the stand out dish of the day.


When dining out I always try to avoid ordering things I cook on a regular basis. However, I think i need to watch a few more seasons of Master chef to produce a chicken dish of this calibre. The chicken breast was slowly cooked with pot roasted onion, soubise, onion ash, smoked red wine and thyme oil. It was at this point I switched to a glass of Cabernet Merlot before diving into my next intensely flavoured plate of goodness.


This brightly coloured plate consisted of duck breast and leg with salted burnt orange, smoked eggplant, garlic nougatine, shaved almonds and witlof. I couldn’t get enough. Or could I?…


When the waitress offered the desert menu I reluctantly accepted  and was immediately drawn to the Japanese inspired desert of sweet miso custard, green tea ice cream, green tea meringue, yuzu and pear.


The last desert was ‘every chocoholics dream’ and the perfect finale to my dining experience. The chocolate cremeux, was intensely rich yet balanced with the fresh fruit flavours of passionfruit, pineapple and nitro coconut. I was in heaven.

Food lovers do yourself a favour and put Knee Deep wineries at the top of your list on your next trip to the phenomenal South West of Australia.

Shabby Chic.


Some say “TGIF” to a long weeks work with an after 5 frothy, cheering to the weekend. I am cheering to the crazy person who put this gem out during roadside pickup.


I called in help to retrieve this phenomenal 1930’s cabinet stranded in Mount Lawley, so I could begin right away. Armed with a bottle of chardonnay and Nonno’s sander, Friday night was about to go to a whole other level.


The vibe was shabby chic, and what really caught my attention when sanding, was the green coming through in the border giving the cabinet a stand out frame. I knew I had to gloss her over with just a clear varnish.


I chose a 1970’s inspired green for the inside, from Taubmans paint called ‘spring carnival’. This colour choice although matte, brings a energetic feel to it radiating a positive warmth.