Public: Art in the City!

Street Art in Perth – Shut the front door!

We really are an up and coming city!

Form’s Public brought international, local street and urban artists who created site-specific worlds of significant scale and diversity. Incorporating 45 artists from around the globe there are over 30 walls across the city inspiring a broader dialogue about how we experience our city! Β See below some images I took myself, and head to Forms website for details how to tour the art in the city. PUBLIC.FORM.NET.AU


Pixel Pancho, an Italian street artist from Turin creates ‘anatomical street robots” inspired by different environments. He’s idea is to get the viewers thinking ‘are we all machines’?

Head to his website: to view more.



Street artist Hyuro from Argentina blends politics and surrealist sensibility in her uncanny black and white murals, paintings and drawings. Check out her personal website here for more of her amazing street work: Β



Possibly the coolest interactive artwork I have ever seen. Jordan Seiler, artist and activist hails from the US of A and is the founder of PublicAdCampaign. His work here changes colour once the app is downloaded on your phone. This hidden gem is located off Wolf Lane just beside the Secret Garden Cafe. See for yourself right here on his website:


Alexis Diaz is a Puerto Rican street artist known for his intricate line details, bold colours and the melding of fantastical animal imagery, often with human forms. – Also located in Wolf Lane. Check out his website for more of his epicness artistry at:


ELK – Melbourne



The two images above are created from Gaia a New York City man. His studio work, installations and gallery projects have been exhibited throughout the world and his street work has been documented and featured in several urban art publications. For more on Gaia, head to: gaiastreetart.comΒ 


This colourful beauty is by ‘Beastman’ from Sydney. Beastman’s work symbolises natures geometric patterns and organic lines. Their large mural work can be found all over Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Get more from:


A modern-day naturalist ROA (Belgium), is famous for his large scaled depictions of animals. Check out more of ROA’s work on his Tumblr at:


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