Angove Street Festival 2014


The worlds BIGGEST bloody mary, sincerely providing to those who had massive saturday nights and needed to make it through the festival. Cheers ‘The Rosemount Hotel”.


Two ridiculously good looking feet models & “Comida du sol Brazilian street truck food”! Fresh coconuts and South American cuisine… What more could you want?

Like their FB page to keep up to date with where the truck frolics about in the city so you never miss a good feed and those ‘carpe diem vibes’


Massive babe and earth child KB had Paper Crab out and about today in its glory. Not only do they stock the most unique hand-made treasures found upon their travels they also have a story behind each and every individual piece. Paper Crab are for sure the highlight of today for me as it always gives me great pleasure to see your friends succeeding in life with passion.

PC’s website is almost up and running. For now, hit the like button on Facebook and follow them on Insta.


Instagram: @papercrabpeople


Oh my popsicle!!! As if Angove street didn’t already put on a show today, the ‘delish ice pops’ comes into the equation and gets you pumped for summer more than a frothy at a Sunday sesh. The range of flavours and the babes working behind the till speaks for itself. #getamongstit

Angove Street Festival celebrates all that is North Perth – the award-winning cafes, restaurants, retailers and cultural diversity that create the unique community surrounding Angove Street.

If you guys missed Angove street festi today, don’t fret as it’s a yearly shin dig. However, if you do want to keep up to date with my faves from today, their deets are all listed above.

So get out your phone, follow or double tap a like and lets keep in cahoots for next year.

Happy Sunday!

Love B & B





One thought on “Angove Street Festival 2014

  1. Kaylie says:

    Amazing woman! Thanks for sharing the love…right back at you. Look like you had a magical day, though how could you NOT with a bloody mary the size of your mug 🙂

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