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What you didn’t see on the catwalk at Perth’s Melbourne Cup in the YellowGlen Marquee at Ascot.

My babes at Chadwick models and I had an absolute ball. The team of all teams consisted of Tania Muia, Rebekha Clark, Nicole Ford, Ady Grader, Penni Towner, Tracey Martin & Hayley Parry.

A question I have for my readers at BunUpsandBananas is… Does it take a strong team of workers to put together a show, shoot or commercial etc? Or can we use people with little or no experience due to how popular they are on social media?

This is my point of view from a model with 10 years of experience in the industry…

I believe that with the new social-media antics appearing in the last few years, modelling is slowly becoming obsolete.  The world of Instagram is now allowing people to use models who aren’t signed simply because they have x amount of followers or 1000 likes to each post. People are looking for cheaper ways to build their empires by using girls who 1, don’t have an agent or 2, have loads of followers. This theory also works along-side those photographers, make-up artists and stylists.

I understand that these social-media selfie queens are cheaper to use but what happened to the magical word: ‘experience’? It’s one thing to add a filter, but where did the beauty disappear to in a whole team creating beautiful images?

Without being a wet blanket, my point is simply that the shows that were happening on the day of Melbourne Cup, took professional creative teams to put together. So why, are we losing the beauty of this due to social media?

Let me hear your thoughts…

Love B&B

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2 thoughts on “The INDUSTRY for thought!

  1. Laura Tyrie says:

    Social media is such a huge part of our lives these days that it was an inevitable step the fashion industry was going to take. In saying that I don’t agree how far some brands are taking ‘insta-famous modelling’.
    I believe that social media should be used as a fabulous tool of promotion and for new and low budget brands it’s a great way to get your name out. But it should stop there. At promotion. There is a reason that there are ‘models’ and modelling agencies. They have the knowledge and experience to get the job done to it’s best ability. It’s why not any pretty girl can modelling for Burberry or Victoria secret. Its a skill and art as much as anything.
    I took woodwork in high school, but would you trust me to build a roof on your house? I might be able to do it. But would it work? Would it stand the test of time? Would you get what you are paying for? Or would you rather pay a bit more and get it done properly?
    My other thought is that it can potentially be quite dangerous. There’s a reason professional models have modelling agencies looking after them. The agency weeds through the bad, unprofessional and sleezy offers that come in to make sure we are being looked after and safe. Instagram doesn’t do that. And for the naive and vunerable young girls out there, who think an offer on Instagram is their big break, it could turn out horribly.

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