Skin Made!




As a model and skin enthusiast, I’m quite particular as to what products I use, especially on my face. We are all aware that we need to drink copious litres of water per day, though, sometimes this may be difficult to do due to the busy lives we all seem to be leading nowadays. With the right skincare and balanced diet, your skin can be flawless without being pregnant or having a post sex glow.

Whilst scrolling through my all time favourite social media tool ‘ Insti’, I stumbled across ‘SkinMade’. Immediately drawn to how organic and natural their page was, I wanted to get in touch with the beauties behind this skincare revolution.

I emailed SkinMade and received a beautiful reply from their team. Positive, honest and enthusiastic, they happily sent me a wee package of products to try. – They actually do this… YOU CAN BUY SAMPLES. Winning!

I’m an advocate for organic, hand crafted and environmentally friendly products. Not only is this an Australian product and I love to support ‘home grown’, we are taking care of our environment whilst using these products as well as ourselves.

SkinMade sent me a scrub, cleanser and bright skin oil. My favourite was the cleanser, as the smell of lemongrass takes me back to living in Thailand, so it was a lovely nostalgic smell that also left my skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Each product had a lovely scent, from almond, pomelo, lemon myrtle or oat.

I highly recommend these products for ALL skin types and look forward using more SkinMade products in the future.

Add SkinMade to your Instagram: @skinmade

Or start searching for your products on their website at:

Happy Skin Loving…

B&B xxx




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