Casa Vintage Beach!








In Australia, we use the terminology ‘pole position’ when we park directly in front of where we want to be. In Gili Trawangan, we landed in this position at ‘Casa Vintage Beach’. Situated right on the beach, my rooster and I were able to chill out and watch the sunset whilst drinking icey cold Bintangs from glass jars and swinging in tree chairs. We stumbled across this little gem whilst riding to salute the sun, is this not the best location ever?

Growing up in Western Australia, I have been spoilt rotten by our sunsets, so this was a new experience for me. The sun set over a glorious mountain, through a fluffy cloud which left the best after glow one could ever imagine.

Nestled in home made chairs, and vintage decor that has not interfered with mother nature, it was indeed a magical experience that I recommend to anyone who is hitting up Gili Trawangan.

Casa Vintage Beach serve Caribbean food, fresh coconuts and smoothies. You can chill in their hammocks, listen to epic music and chant by their bonfire. There is also a vintage shop and a spa that is open, however, the sunset bar is where its at. – They’re located after Exile, and before Villa Ombak Sunset if you are coming from central.

Happy travels.

Love Bunupsandbananas xxx


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