Porridge & Poetry!







IMG_3005You know those people who take photos before their meals and you just look at them in the restaurant and you’re like “Dude your food is going to get cold”. But their just so into getting the perfect shot for their Instagram feed?

Cough cough! That is me!

Inspired by my little babe “JET” and her love for Beau Taplin, she suggested we have porridge at Mount Lawley’s Cantina whilst reading poetry on hashtag humpday.

Recently, I have been trying to focus more on myself and what makes me happy as opposed to putting others first. (selfish – some may call it) Though, for me I see it as self-love, inner strength, connectedness to oneself and inner peace.Β Here’s an excerpt I read during my poetry sesh that supports this;

“The trick with rebuilding yourself is to be sure you use the right materials and tools for the job. A healthy mind and body, a worthy goal, and dependable friends are all vital components in the construction of the new you. Remember, a skyscraper is only as strong as the steel it is made of.” Beau Taplin.

I highly recommend taking some QT for the old soul with a little help from Beau Taplin. Check out his Instagram: @beautaplin

Thanks to my beautiful friend @jessicaemilytait for our date and my blog inspo.

Also a shout out to @663cantina for the delicious and nutritious soul satisfying food.

Lots of love, peace & bananas from your girl…




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