Candy From A Stranger!







I perused @Candyfromastranger a few months ago on Instagram and immediately started following them from all of the sexy sultry women that they post. (who doesn’t?) I soon realised they’re a body scrub company and that I needed to shoot an email to investigate who is behind this ‘candyfromastanger’ product.

I’m usually pretty good at hustling the good vibe folks from the gram, in regards to whom I do and do not wish to collaborate with, but ‘far out brussel sprout’, was I in for an eatable treat.

I emailed Jamie, the man behind the brand who is also an artist, musician and a designer. He works alongside his partner, whom together have a lovely little dude and a hot yoga studio in Melbs. They’re like the dream fam team!

Jamie said that Candyfromastranger was developed to give people a natural alternative to mass-produced soaps and body washes. He also mentioned that he wanted to draw on his raw food background where each ingredient did something for your skin – either cleansed it, toned it, moisturised it, tackled problem skin such as acne, cellulite and that it regenerates new skin cells. EVERY ingredient could literally be eaten. Ingredients included raw cold pressed honey, extra virgin coconut and cacao, organic teas, dehydrated and hand ground grapefruit skins.

I was given both CandyCoco and CandyFresh – The two flavours offered by our strangers. When I opened CandyCoco, I was so perplexed as to the delicious smell that immersed from the bag. It was like a bliss ball for my body that was exfoliating the winter skin off, leaving me with super soft skin. I feel like it can be used on the face, however, I need to wash it off with my facial washΒ due to my skin being a little oily, but each to their own.

CandyFresh is on a whole other level! its like spring/summer jumped out of a bag and scrubbed you down. It’s definitely my favourite. It smells so similar to the CandyCoco, though the citrus vibe in it totally ties me down and I’m just hooked.

Without a doubt this is THE BEST scrub I’ve ever used in my life! Not only is it doing wonders to my skin, but the peeps behind the brand are such legends producing legit organically made and loved products.

Oh and lads, my handsome man has also been scrubbing with candy! It’s fab for both sexes – His warning is to beware the beard!

Get on the candy van with me… $17.95 is beyond affordable for incredible skin!

Lots of love and smooth skin from your banana girl!



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