If it makes you happy…

It can’t be that bad (Sheryl Crow)

I’ve been behind the ball lately when it comes to most things, writing a blog post, finding a job, replying to Facebook messages and even calling up relatives to touch base. Whilst this is all legitimate adult stuff required of us as good samaritans in society (well in my culture). Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and say ‘hello’ (no, not to Adele and her long lost lover) but to ourselves and connect with ‘us’ as an individual.

I recently returned back from an incredible soulful trip that once again opened my mind to many beautiful things that the world has to offer. Upon my return, I engulfed in summer school to complete my second last unit of University. Postย trying to adhere to regularity of studying and replying to all of the people during the summer break, I have taken to last two weeks just to be with myself.

Clearly, I scroll my social media and talk to my beloveds, however, I have been nurturing my body with good food, mini hikes, reading, beaching and a whole-lotta yoga. (wait did I say wine? I also mean’t wine) I know I’m not on a holiday anymore and I have been blessed with this time to ground my feet for the year, BUT… you can do it too. Enjoy your weekends, enjoy your days off, love and honour yourself. This blog post was merely to touch base with my banana lovers and bun up fans, to spread joy and crap piles of namaste vibes.

REMEMBER to respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.


The Yin to my Yang – @ashtreeomsicle


Cutting my bangs – MELBOURNE


Fitzroy laneways, Street Art and Big Coats!


Yoga handstands at the museum in Melbourne!


Wondering so far into fruit and exiting with new besties – Becks & Benji


First time snowballin’ with the greatest human known to earth – Happy Paccy!


Calling fruity friends from Takeshita street – Harajuku – Tokyo


Bananas in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand #BANGKOK – my heart!


Sri Mariamman Temple Bangkok – Respecting Hindu Gods


Last but not least, flying home to Perth.







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