Wanderlust 2016


On a day that forecasted cloud and rain, the universe came to its senses and showed us why living in Perth is truly amazing. Yogi’s from North and South united on Scarborough’s incredible beachfront for a day of mindfulness at the Wanderlust triathlon.

Wanderlust is an event held at various places in our globe, bringing like minded people together to practice yoga, meditate, nourish our souls and share the community love.

My Ashtree Om went to the Melbourne Wanderlust with her Meowbourne Ladettes and couldn’t speak higher of it. With this is mind, she created a group with her chosen few and named us ‘The Omsicles’.

The day consisted of a 5k run (walk, skip, hop or prance), followed by food, yoga, meditation and of course a few cheeky vino’s at the end – just to balance those chakras.

Follow the Wanderlust Facebook event to stay in touch – The next one will be held at Great Lake Taupo, New Zealand.Β Β 

Namaste banana babes



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