One cannot imagine what it’s like as a ‘Farang’ or ‘Angmo’ (white person) to go to a festivity like this. But let me show you through my outdated I-Phone 5 and my amazing friend @beach_sah photos.

Long Long ago, in the planet of Bangkok City! I met the worlds most fabulous Chang Sister Nishaa Tolani, after many laughs and experiences together, she fell head over heels for Singapore’s most eligible bachelor Anmol Bhojwani. It literally sounds like Aladdin and a Princess Jasmine ordeal and yes, you have it… Mr and Mrs Bhojwani.

I was so honoured to be able to celebrate this 4 day crazy party of love, light, energy and life long memories, not only with these two legends, but also my amazing number one Soul Sister @rash_kwatra and all my other dead set champions who I miss on the reg.

Indian weddings are full of food (no pun intended) outrageous decorations, extravegent locations and most of all late night (lougies). This bender of a shin-dig took place at Phuket’s finest The Slate Hotel where we enjoyed Indian traditions of ‘The Mendhi’, The Bharat’ and the actual wedding – just to name a few.

Nishaa was legit… the worlds most beautiful bride. My heart stopped when I saw her and only to be so excited that she was marrying such a champ of a man Anmol!

Thanks for the inspo… India… here I come.

Yours truly,

Your number one Thai Girl

Aimee – @bunupsandbananas


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