Wanderlust 2016


On a day that forecasted cloud and rain, the universe came to its senses and showed us why living in Perth is truly amazing. Yogi’s from North and South united on Scarborough’s incredible beachfront for a day of mindfulness at the Wanderlust triathlon.

Wanderlust is an event held at various places in our globe, bringing like minded people together to practice yoga, meditate, nourish our souls and share the community love.

My Ashtree Om went to the Melbourne Wanderlust with her Meowbourne Ladettes and couldn’t speak higher of it. With this is mind, she created a group with her chosen few and named us ‘The Omsicles’.

The day consisted of a 5k run (walk, skip, hop or prance), followed by food, yoga, meditation and of course a few cheeky vino’s at the end – just to balance those chakras.

Follow the Wanderlust Facebook event to stay in touch – The next one will be held at Great Lake Taupo, New Zealand.  

Namaste banana babes



Infamous Friends!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.27.50 pm

Almost Filthy Rich 

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.34.09 pm

Friyay Gangsta

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.32.57 pm

Crazy Mother

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.36.38 pm

Gung Ho

Baaaaaaaaaabes (high pitched toned voice), I know the Infamous brand has been on the blog before, but not with my ‘grande faccha’ as the ‘modol’. 

To this day, one month ago, I teamed up with the two behind the brand – John and Tan. They had orchestrated some of Perth’s top profesh’s in the biz. Behind the lens is Juliet Chen from Shift Creative, food truck by Soul Provider, hair/mua by sick joke of a babe Rebecca Collins and comedian providing the lols Tracey Martin.

I know my Infamous Friends have been busting their lady balls for some of the tee’s, so click on the names under each image and you will be directed to each shirt. Lit-rally can eat, sleep, wine, party, repeat in these tee’s. 

Happy shopping banana babes


#JBfestivalgirl @Castaway







On an overcast day at Castaway, two old school modules who met overseas find each other on one island a boat ride away from Perth – Rottnest.

Crafted by one of Perth’s best production teams ‘The Studio’, it’s no wonder why we look like were having an absolute ball terror on this shoot. – WE WERE!

Early morning champers kicked off on Perth’s Super Yachts (yacht – such a tricky word to spell), as we then sailed our way into the festival.

Amongst a crowd of Perth’s young party go-ers, legend Alan Chua captured these images of us and the new Jessica Bratich-Johnson bags.


Producers Jacqui Brown & Elle Giles @ THE STUDIO  

Models Aimee Thompson & Courtney Rogers @ CHADWICKS

Hair @ashleybr0ckman MUA @Jaimmleecreative

If it makes you happy…

It can’t be that bad (Sheryl Crow)

I’ve been behind the ball lately when it comes to most things, writing a blog post, finding a job, replying to Facebook messages and even calling up relatives to touch base. Whilst this is all legitimate adult stuff required of us as good samaritans in society (well in my culture). Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and say ‘hello’ (no, not to Adele and her long lost lover) but to ourselves and connect with ‘us’ as an individual.

I recently returned back from an incredible soulful trip that once again opened my mind to many beautiful things that the world has to offer. Upon my return, I engulfed in summer school to complete my second last unit of University. Post trying to adhere to regularity of studying and replying to all of the people during the summer break, I have taken to last two weeks just to be with myself.

Clearly, I scroll my social media and talk to my beloveds, however, I have been nurturing my body with good food, mini hikes, reading, beaching and a whole-lotta yoga. (wait did I say wine? I also mean’t wine) I know I’m not on a holiday anymore and I have been blessed with this time to ground my feet for the year, BUT… you can do it too. Enjoy your weekends, enjoy your days off, love and honour yourself. This blog post was merely to touch base with my banana lovers and bun up fans, to spread joy and crap piles of namaste vibes.

REMEMBER to respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.


The Yin to my Yang – @ashtreeomsicle


Cutting my bangs – MELBOURNE


Fitzroy laneways, Street Art and Big Coats!


Yoga handstands at the museum in Melbourne!


Wondering so far into fruit and exiting with new besties – Becks & Benji


First time snowballin’ with the greatest human known to earth – Happy Paccy!


Calling fruity friends from Takeshita street – Harajuku – Tokyo


Bananas in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand #BANGKOK – my heart!


Sri Mariamman Temple Bangkok – Respecting Hindu Gods


Last but not least, flying home to Perth.






My Way or the Laneway!







My Way or the Laneway is inspired by two of my favourite things!

1 = Melbourne Laneway’s overdosed in street art/ graffiti and

2 = Infamous Friends Label

The two combined together whilst I was on a trip to Melbourne vacaying with my soul sister @ashtreeom who is the humming voice, stylist and photog behind this shoot! We were  on the way out to grab a bottle of wine, (standard) and decided to throw in a shoot at the same time. Whoever thought of the saying ‘killing two birds with the one stone’, is actually a legend! Hustling our way down Fitzroy’s finest Laneway, here the pair amalgamated.

Founded in 2014 by a Lad name John and his Babin’ wife Tanya, Infamous Friends is the Australian label inspired by who you are and the people you know, so what better occasion to shoot this with my sister!

The shirt “My Way” is of course by our Infamous Friends and can be purchased at: http://infamousfriends.com/collections/infamous-friends

They also have a few other quirky titles for the tees that are up there with the highest hashtags of 2015 such as “Girl Boss”, “Lover” and “Coco Loco”! Made from 100% Viscose, they are super comfy and can stomach that ‘dry Perth heat’.

Who’s keen for “Gone Bananas” for their 2016 t-shirt staple?

Stay Infamous…

Love B&B xxx

Wall Post!

Woolstores Fremantle

Wool Store Fremantle

South Terrace South Fremantle

South Terrace, South Fremantle

Ootong and Lincoln South Terrace South fremantle

South Terrace, South Fremantle

Wool Store Fremantle

Wool Store Fremantle


Wallpaper Wallcandy, Fitzroy, Melbourne (Guest photog – @ashtreeom)


Wallcott Street, Mount Lawley

Laneway off Nicholsan road Shenton Park

Laneyway behind Nicholson road, Shenton Park


Wallcott Steet, Mount Lawley


Wallcott Steet, Mount Lawley

Recently I have been taking public transport as a means to look at life in a different perspective. I feel that with our beloved technology, we no longer enjoy saying ‘good morning’ to the people we pass or waking up and enjoying the sun from the bedroom window before scrolling our feed.

I decided to no longer take my phone on morning walks and even went so far as to not check my phone during times of stand still. With this decision, above are some of the images I captured and enjoyed.

“Open your mind to the world and the many different ways that can be found in it”.

I hope you enjoy my current wall obsession, please share your crazy loves post tech addictions in the reply box below.

Love B&B xxx

Vive La Difference!


A relationship between two people usually consists of the yin and the yang. When we don’t see eye to eye with our respective other, whether it be with a partner, friend, family or co worker, it is quite common that we throw in the old saying ‘opposites attract’ and be done with it. We think of opposites attract, what does it really tell us?

Opposites, or perhaps more accurately, “complements” do attract. Introverts and extroverts, morning people and night people, impulsives and planners, steady plodders and adrenaline junkies, adventure-grabbers and security-seekers

The French view the old saying ‘opposites attract’ as ‘Vive La Difference’ in which we don’t just use  the word ‘opposites attract’ as a bandaid but rather we celebrate those differences.

It is important during hard times in a relationship to write down the differences you are having, once you have written them down, discuss them and then find a way to celebrate them.

Remember, we need to love and continuously send out good vibes to our world and our lovers.

Who’s going to be next on your list to celebrate Vive La Difference?

B&B xxx

Public: Art in the City!

Street Art in Perth – Shut the front door!

We really are an up and coming city!

Form’s Public brought international, local street and urban artists who created site-specific worlds of significant scale and diversity. Incorporating 45 artists from around the globe there are over 30 walls across the city inspiring a broader dialogue about how we experience our city!  See below some images I took myself, and head to Forms website for details how to tour the art in the city. PUBLIC.FORM.NET.AU


Pixel Pancho, an Italian street artist from Turin creates ‘anatomical street robots” inspired by different environments. He’s idea is to get the viewers thinking ‘are we all machines’?

Head to his website: www.flickr.com/photos/pixelpancho/ to view more.



Street artist Hyuro from Argentina blends politics and surrealist sensibility in her uncanny black and white murals, paintings and drawings. Check out her personal website here for more of her amazing street work:  www.hyuro.es



Possibly the coolest interactive artwork I have ever seen. Jordan Seiler, artist and activist hails from the US of A and is the founder of PublicAdCampaign. His work here changes colour once the app is downloaded on your phone. This hidden gem is located off Wolf Lane just beside the Secret Garden Cafe. See for yourself right here on his website: www.republiclab.com/projects


Alexis Diaz is a Puerto Rican street artist known for his intricate line details, bold colours and the melding of fantastical animal imagery, often with human forms. – Also located in Wolf Lane. Check out his website for more of his epicness artistry at: cargocollective.com/alexisdiaz


ELK – Melbourne www.elkstencils.com



The two images above are created from Gaia a New York City man. His studio work, installations and gallery projects have been exhibited throughout the world and his street work has been documented and featured in several urban art publications. For more on Gaia, head to: gaiastreetart.com 


This colourful beauty is by ‘Beastman’ from Sydney. Beastman’s work symbolises natures geometric patterns and organic lines. Their large mural work can be found all over Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Get more from: www.beastman.com.au


A modern-day naturalist ROA (Belgium), is famous for his large scaled depictions of animals. Check out more of ROA’s work on his Tumblr at: roaweb.tumblr.com

Paper Crab!








A Friday morning is always well spent catching up with a good friend at the markets. Today, whilst guzzling a fresh coconut, I chatted with one of the souls behind Paper Crab whilst she delicately flat layed their dainty necklace range. Paper Crab combines two individuals love together for handmade goods, uniquely designed and locally produced on a small scale by worldly talented people.

From Thailand to Perth, they share a deep connection and pride for time honoured traditions and skills that are sadly being abandoned only to be replaced by mass produced disconnected rubbish. I lived in Thailand for a few years and can sadly say, I have been apart of the rat race participating in purchasing such goods that too easily fill our lives. However, with the thoughtful inspiring Paper Crab, we can now go back to basics where our goods are honourably crafted.

How they carefully select their items is beyond me, as each individual hand crafted piece tells such a meaningful story. My personal favourites are definiatly the ‘Jungle Daze Pom Pom Clutch’ and of course the ‘Baby Crab’ shoes for children. – Every child should own a pair.

Paper Crab showcase their cross-cultural finds at various market stalls around Perth. This weekend they’re at The Fremantle Markets, head down to see for yourself this unique collection bought to you from across the seas.

Follow their Instagram to see where you can catch them next: @papercrabpeople

Check out their Facebook page: Paper Crab


Stay tuned for their website launch 🙂

Hats off to “Harry & Gretel”








On a casual Friday – post brekkie, I stumbled across Leederville’s ‘Harry & Gretel’. The curated boutique has such a welcoming vibe from their ever so friendly staff to the carefully selected homewares. Their ethereal jewellery perfectly placed in glass cabinets had me in awe, as I just can’t get enough of crystals at the moment. With no doubt what this store is known for is their women’s fashion, stocking some of Australia’s leading brands such as Nobody, Alice McCall, Ginger & Smart and Ace of Something. The fabulous ‘Navy Spade Felt Fedora’ by Ace of Something, was my purchase of choice. I couldn’t not have it before my trip as my ‘plane outfit’ accessory.