One cannot imagine what it’s like as a ‘Farang’ or ‘Angmo’ (white person) to go to a festivity like this. But let me show you through my outdated I-Phone 5 and my amazing friend @beach_sah photos.

Long Long ago, in the planet of Bangkok City! I met the worlds most fabulous Chang Sister Nishaa Tolani, after many laughs and experiences together, she fell head over heels for Singapore’s most eligible bachelor Anmol Bhojwani. It literally sounds like Aladdin and a Princess Jasmine ordeal and yes, you have it… Mr and Mrs Bhojwani.

I was so honoured to be able to celebrate this 4 day crazy party of love, light, energy and life long memories, not only with these two legends, but also my amazing number one Soul Sister @rash_kwatra and all my other dead set champions who I miss on the reg.

Indian weddings are full of food (no pun intended) outrageous decorations, extravegent locations and most of all late night (lougies). This bender of a shin-dig took place at Phuket’s finest The Slate Hotel where we enjoyed Indian traditions of ‘The Mendhi’, The Bharat’ and the actual wedding – just to name a few.

Nishaa was legit… the worlds most beautiful bride. My heart stopped when I saw her and only to be so excited that she was marrying such a champ of a man Anmol!

Thanks for the inspo… India… here I come.

Yours truly,

Your number one Thai Girl

Aimee – @bunupsandbananas


Peace of Pai

















What shall ‘Team Top-up’ do when Thailand postpones the ‘Wonderfruit’ festival? All aboard a flight to Chiang Mai, followed by a bus to taste the ‘Peace of Pai’. Pai, pronounced (bpaai) phonetically like (pie) is a small town in northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Province, near the Myanmar border, about 146 km north-west of Chiang Mai.
We arrived in Pai with the intention to ‘Jai Yen’ (Thai word for chill) however, we ended up being an Allen’s bags of ‘Allsorts’ and perfectly balancing between being productive tourists, professional food critics and party people!
On the first night we stayed at b2hotel. Super cheap little quiet hotel with great service and walking distance to town. We then motorcycled to our new home for a few days at the most incredible resort Puripai Villa.
Our favourite eating places in Pai are ‘Om Garden Cafe’ &’Earth Tone’ for during the day and keeping it local in the evenings with street food. Khao Soi is a very famous northern Thai dish, insanely good at night seeings as Pai is chilly at night.
Above are a few of my favourite images taken on my horrendous I-phone and Paxton’s top shots on the Nikon.
This post is dedicated to ‘loose lunch’. May you be having a soulful TRIP at Wonderfruit.


Sawadeekha x x x


Infamous Friends!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.27.50 pm

Almost Filthy Rich 

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.34.09 pm

Friyay Gangsta

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.32.57 pm

Crazy Mother

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.36.38 pm

Gung Ho

Baaaaaaaaaabes (high pitched toned voice), I know the Infamous brand has been on the blog before, but not with my ‘grande faccha’ as the ‘modol’. 

To this day, one month ago, I teamed up with the two behind the brand – John and Tan. They had orchestrated some of Perth’s top profesh’s in the biz. Behind the lens is Juliet Chen from Shift Creative, food truck by Soul Provider, hair/mua by sick joke of a babe Rebecca Collins and comedian providing the lols Tracey Martin.

I know my Infamous Friends have been busting their lady balls for some of the tee’s, so click on the names under each image and you will be directed to each shirt. Lit-rally can eat, sleep, wine, party, repeat in these tee’s. 

Happy shopping banana babes


#JBfestivalgirl @Castaway







On an overcast day at Castaway, two old school modules who met overseas find each other on one island a boat ride away from Perth – Rottnest.

Crafted by one of Perth’s best production teams ‘The Studio’, it’s no wonder why we look like were having an absolute ball terror on this shoot. – WE WERE!

Early morning champers kicked off on Perth’s Super Yachts (yacht – such a tricky word to spell), as we then sailed our way into the festival.

Amongst a crowd of Perth’s young party go-ers, legend Alan Chua captured these images of us and the new Jessica Bratich-Johnson bags.


Producers Jacqui Brown & Elle Giles @ THE STUDIO  

Models Aimee Thompson & Courtney Rogers @ CHADWICKS

Hair @ashleybr0ckman MUA @Jaimmleecreative

My Way or the Laneway!







My Way or the Laneway is inspired by two of my favourite things!

1 = Melbourne Laneway’s overdosed in street art/ graffiti and

2 = Infamous Friends Label

The two combined together whilst I was on a trip to Melbourne vacaying with my soul sister @ashtreeom who is the humming voice, stylist and photog behind this shoot! We were  on the way out to grab a bottle of wine, (standard) and decided to throw in a shoot at the same time. Whoever thought of the saying ‘killing two birds with the one stone’, is actually a legend! Hustling our way down Fitzroy’s finest Laneway, here the pair amalgamated.

Founded in 2014 by a Lad name John and his Babin’ wife Tanya, Infamous Friends is the Australian label inspired by who you are and the people you know, so what better occasion to shoot this with my sister!

The shirt “My Way” is of course by our Infamous Friends and can be purchased at: http://infamousfriends.com/collections/infamous-friends

They also have a few other quirky titles for the tees that are up there with the highest hashtags of 2015 such as “Girl Boss”, “Lover” and “Coco Loco”! Made from 100% Viscose, they are super comfy and can stomach that ‘dry Perth heat’.

Who’s keen for “Gone Bananas” for their 2016 t-shirt staple?

Stay Infamous…

Love B&B xxx

Sister Stores!






Today called for an “I MISS MY SISTER” blog post. We snapped these dope images out the front of Fremantles epic Woolstores. According to my Freo walkabouts, they are renovating this building into NYC apartments? If thats the case then, I urge all Freo lovers to get down asap and take your happy snaps in front of this awesome building as it won’t be here forever.

In regards to me missing my sister… I’m throwing all positive vibes back to her side! This day meant the world to me.

If you have a sister – hug her right now.

If you want a sister – haggle your mother.

If your sister is coming (Georgia) hold your breathe.

Love, light, energy and soul sister vibes to everyone.

B & B



DSC_0432DSC_0437 DSC_0439 DSC_0444 DSC_0452 DSC_0488



Dates: 18 – 29 March 2015

Times: Opens from 5pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends

Location: Perth’s Cultural Centre

Cost: Entry is FREE

Love The Skin You’re In!


Compile ingredients:

  • Left over percolated coffee 2 cups.
  • Organic coconut oil 2 spoons.
  • Almond oil 1 tsp.
  • Cocoa oil 1 tsp.
  • Vanilla oil 1 tsp.
  • Cassia oil 1 tsp.


Step 1: Place coffee in a large bowl and sift through with a fork to ensure it’s free of lumps.


Step 2: Add oils and blend until combined thoroughly.


 Step 3: Place coffee and oils into glass jars and store in the fridge.


 Step 4: Smile and Scrub!


A coffee body scrub can help eradicate cellulite because when the caffeine it contains comes into contact with the surface of your skin, it helps redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of more cellulite. Coffee scrub can also prevent veins due to the caffeine acting as a  vascular restrictor which shrinks blood vessels and therefore helping reduce the veins appearance.

Coconut oil is a babe of a massage oil for the skin as well. It acts as an effective moisturiser on all types of skin, including dry skin. It also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature ageing due to its well-known antioxidant properties.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E, which is amaze for skin health. Also, almond oil improves the complexion of the skin that retains glow.

Finally the blend of Cocoa, Vanilla and Cassia oil is added to harmonise and balance the sense. This blend creates a sense of comfort and reassurance,  reduces stress and helps combat exhaustion.

Get scrubbing Bunupsandbanana lovers and #lovetheskinyourin











Saturday arvo, bun up, in my comfy’s on the couch and scrolling the ‘gram’ – bliss! I came across ‘oh hello hair’ and was immediately inspired by all the ‘bun up’ do’s.

Not only do they post the most amazing images, they also make their own products such as hydrating treatments that are made with coconut, argan and almond oil and they DON’T test on animals. At the perfect price of $15 and summer just around the corner… Ladies, ‘go get yo hair did’.

Follow their account for all your hair inspo – @ohhellohair

Check out their website: hellohair.com.au


You had me at BONJOUR!








 Marcel Cerdan (France’s first middle weight boxing champion)


Edith Piaf





Once upon a time, a broken boy (see Amstergrammed blog for details) took his love to France so she could experience her love for wine and cheese in a city she has never been to before… PARIS!

Can you do Paris in 2 days? Maybe not, but with the photo evidence above, its clear you can tick off almost every tourist site. As soon as we arrived, we checked into our hotel on the Champs Elysees, dropped our bags and hit the city. We walked around St Germain and managed to pull a picnic together right before the bakeries & fromageries closed, then hiked up the cobble stones to the Sacre Coeur. Opening a bottle of Frances bordeaux’s, eating, admiring  with the  white church view behind us, it was just crazy 1, that i’d never been to this magical place and 2, people actually live here and can do this everyday! – AMAZING!!!

On the hike down, we stumbled across a French bar, good music, chilled vibes and no foreigners, so we decided to go in and check it out. The bar tender was an absolute legend and suggested that we head after to a bar close by where Marcel Cerdan (France’s first middle weight boxing champion) used to hang out. The bar tender informed us that, Marcel was dating the ever so famous Edith Piaf during this time and they both hung out there together. Screaaaaaam!!! Once our drink was finished we headed straight over. The bar was over 100 years old and every thing was still original except for a new paint job. It was so epic to be having drinks in the same bar as Edith Piaf, with the same original bartender. I die!!!

The second day consisted of a French breakfast, a day trip to La Defence to wine and dine at Paris’s ‘Lavinia’ restaurant/bar that consists of a bottle shop, a self serve selection of wine to try with what seems similar to an arcade game power card and a menu of French cuisine to satisfy every soul. Knowing we had dinner reservations did not stop us from doing the usual and over ordering slash over indulging… but when you have 2 days in Paris, you have to make the most of it.

Waking up on the final morning knowing you’re leaving should be a sad thing, but I have never felt so content. Whilst packing our bags listening to French music, making a quick plan of how to see all the last sights, we stored our bags at the concierge and jumped on the Metro. Stop 1, Eiffel Tower, Stop 2, Champs Elysees, Stop 3, souvenir store.

A final last few words about ‘The City Of Love’? hmmmmm

Lets call it “The city of wine, cheese and sexy accent’s”

Au Revoir Paris. Je T’aime